Cases With A Purpose

To date, MyZuzah has placed nearly 15,000 mezuzahs on the front doors of Jewish homes around the world, thanks to the generosity of funders, partners, and individual donors.

You can help us fulfill our organization’s mission by purchasing mezuzah scrolls and cases for your home from the MyZuzah shop.

Each mezuzah scroll and case you buy directly supports non-profit’s mission: to put a kosher mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

Kosher, fair-trade klafim for all your mezuzahs!

Why Fair-Trade? Because scribes doing the detailed, holy work of creating a mezuzah scroll deserve fair compensation! Read more about our philosophy

Our Standards

MyZuzah mezuzahs are written by trained scribes (sofrim) in accordance with Jewish law (halacha)  on traditional animal skin parchment using specialized ink. Requiring 2-3 hours to write, the scrolls are examined for accuracy by two separate checkers (magi’im) and a computer scan. They are important ritual objects, as well as beautiful works of art. MyZuzah works directly with scribes, allowing them to receive full and fair compensation for their work– an expression of MyZuzah’s commitment to fair-trade standards.




New Arrivals

Newly arrived cases from foraged Michigan branches.

Support Small Businesses

Each of our cases has a story. Every one is a hand-made artistic expression, sourced from local trees, recycled from bourbon barrels, recycled from ocean plastic, or handmade by Ukrainian refugees.

Each mezuzah case we sell is an intentional expression of the diversity of the Jewish people.

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