An Interview with the Artist from Yurkovsky Judaica, Shimon Yurkovsky

How is your case made?  I wanted to make something unique and look at mezuzah’s design from a new perspective. So I came up with this idea, magnetic covers which can be easily removed and also in future you can purchase different color cover and change. I prefer more natural materials. That is why my mezuzahs are made of wood and eco epoxy resin.

What was the inspiration for the design? As a professional graphic designer, I’m used to not relying on inspiration. If there is a task,then it must be solved, and when you think carefully with attention to detail,a solution always comes and when this happens, I call it Inspiration.

Tell us about your Jewish Journey. I was born in an ordinary family, absolutely not having anything to do with religious Jewish life, I even found out that I was a Jew when I was already 10 years old. Well, then I ended up in a Jewish school and a new world opened up for me.

The ordinary Jewish school grew into Yeshiva Ktana and then into Yeshiva Gdola. But my real Jewish life began when I got married and with that my history with the production of Judaica began.

Tell us about where you are from This will be a short answer – Ukraine, Odessa

What is your favorite material/medium to work with? At this stage, I like to work with wood and epoxy, but I do not plan to limit myself to them in the future, but the main criteria are that these are natural and high-quality materials.

What do you think is special about a mezuzah? I think that the first thing to do is to realize that the mezuzah is not just a beautiful element of the interior, but most importantly, that this is a great Mitzah that Hashem commanded. I really like this story:

Once, the Roman nobleman Artaban presented Rabbi Yehuda a-Nasi with a precious stone and invited Rabbi Judah to answer him with an equally valuable gift. The rabbi sent a mezuzah to the emperor. The emperor was disappointed: “I sent you jewels, and you repaid me with a piece of parchment.” The rabbi replied: “True, but you gave me something that I have to protect, and my gift will keep you and your house.”