Our Team


Alex Shapero
MyZuzah Program Director

Alex Shapero, MyZuzah Program Director, cultivates relationships with both distribution and funding partners–in North America, Israel and across the globe– to ensure kosher, fair trade mezuzahs get to the front doors of Jewish homes that need them. He brings to MyZuzah more than six years of talent and management consulting expertise, building on his previous partnership work at Hillel International and the Israel on Campus Coalition.
Alex holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters in Hebrew & Judaic Studies from New York University. Originally from Bangor, Maine, Alex and his family reside in Washington, D.C.

Rabbi Avraham Yechezkel Lessin
MyZuzah Israel Project Coordinator

Rabbi Avraham Yechezkel Lessin, MyZuzah Israel Project Coordinator, is responsible for the expansion of MyZuzah in Israel. He oversees partnerships, works with potential funding partners and provides logistical support for all of our efforts in Israel. He is a Sofer STa”M (Scribe of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot/Megillot) and Baal Magiah (Checker of the sofer’s work), originally certified by the Badatz of the Eidah HaChareidis and the Vaad Mishmeres STa”M in Israel. Rabbi Lessin has honed his unique skill set in understanding the techniques and pertinent Jewish law of the writing, checking and correcting of all things STa”M.


Julie Lobb
MyZuzah Project Associate

As MyZuzah Project Associate, Julie is responsible for ensuring smooth operations as the liaison between active partners and the MyZuzah team. Prior to joining the MyZuzah team, she served as a human resources business partner for over 12 years, specializing in developing and driving plans to optimize talent, structure, process, and culture in organizations. Julie graduated from the University of Virginia.


Manette Mayberg

As a trustee of the Mayberg Foundation, Manette indicates her passions are her family and philanthropy. When asked if she works, she answers, “I invest in the Jewish people,” which has been the case since she traded working for salary to volunteering her time for fulfillment 20 years ago. Manette is proud to have initiated both MyZuzah and the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC). Manette is also a co-founder of Momentum, and she conceived and developed over a decade ago the annual Shalva Celebrity Chef event. Manette has served on the boards of Jewish day school and Jewish nonprofits.