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MyZuzah believes in connecting and protecting all Jews by putting a mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home. A touchpoint that unites all Jews, the mezuzah’s mystical power has connected and protected the Jewish people since the exodus.

It connects us

It Protects us

It unites us

MyZuzah's goal is to put a mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

Fair Trade Standards

We implement Fair Trade Standards in the sourcing and production of each mezuzah. A kosher mezuzah takes time, energy and resources to create. Each mezuzah scroll must be hand-written by an expert scribe under specific conditions. MyZuzah puts people first by only working with partner organizations that pay scribes fairly and decently for such important work. Our Standards ensure that every step and worker in the process of creating your mezuzah is ethical and kosher, beautifying this unique touchpoint that unites us.