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Green Judaica was founded by Jared Green. Based in Boulder, CO, his journey began with a simple idea: to make cherished Jewish ritual objects even more special. Starting Green Judaica was a passion project for Jared; one to create works of art that were not just practical, but also carry deep meaning, adding significance to tradition.

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Each piece is designed with modern aesthetics and ritual practice in mind. Starting with a design idea, each piece is created in a CAD (computer-aided-design) software, then 3D-printed to create plaster molds. The plaster molds, made in house, are used to make silicone molds for production. Each mold is filled with slip, which slowly gets absorbed by the plaster, leaving a shell which is the final piece. The molds are then opened to reveal the final piece of Judaica in porcelain. The pieces are wiped clean and loaded into the kiln for the first of three firings: to strengthen the ceramic, add the glaze, and then finish each piece with a platinum luster, resulting in a shiny silver surface.

  • Dimensions: 5.5” H x 1.5” W

Suggested for indoor use only

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