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MyZuzah's goal is to put a kosher fair trade mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

“Jewish people (come) from all different backgrounds and one of the greatest things that connect us is the mezuzah.”

Robin Meyerson
MyZuzah Partner, Arizona

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It costs $80 for a Jewish home to receive a kosher fair trade mezuzah from MyZuzah. Here is the accounting:

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MyZuzah Genesis Story

It was a beautiful day in 2014, and our small Jewish nonprofit team was gathered to see how we could help improve and change more people’s lives. Little did we know how much our lives were about to change…

Our beloved team member Nelly stepped through a doorway and leaned on a railing.
The railing broke. Our hearts stopped. Our Nelly fell.

She survived but her body was broken. Our hearts were broken. We were left searching for answers.
We searched the railing, the doorway, the mezuzah on the doorframe, the scroll inside.

One word on the scroll was broken. The Hebrew word for “your gates.”
We checked Nelly’s mezuzah at home. The same word was broken there too.

What was the connection? We went on a journey to find out.

We discovered that the mezuzah is a mitzvah that is uniquely inclusive, accessible and unifying – it has the power to connect and protect all Jews.
When our connection is broken , we are vulnerable.
When our connection is complete, we are protected.

In a broken world, the mezuzah is a timeless link to our heritage with a mystical quality that connects and protects the Jewish people. Jews are diverse. We have different languages, different races, different backgrounds and different ways of expressing our Jewish identities. We decorate our mezuzah cases in different ways, but it’s the mezuzah’s scroll inside that connects us to the eternal values that unify our people.

That is the power of the mezuzah – the power to connect and protect all Jews.
And that is the simple and powerful idea that led to MyZuzah.

Today, Nelly is healing. The mission she inspired is growing. And you can be a part of connecting, protecting and uniting the Jewish world.

Join MyZuzah, and help put a kosher, fair trade mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

Our Team

Manette Mayberg

As a trustee of the Mayberg Foundation, Manette indicates her passions are her family and philanthropy. When asked if she works, she answers, “I invest in the Jewish people,” which has been the case since she traded working for salary to volunteering her time for fulfillment

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Dana Sicherman

With more than a decade of Jewish communal experience, Dana, who was MyZuzah’s founding director, focuses her expertise now as our partnership manager. Collaboration is a skill Dana appreciates from her colleagues and has refined in her career. She uses that strength to build partnerships with organizations

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Rabbi Avraham Lessin

Rabbi Avraham Yechezkel Lessin, MyZuzah Israel Project Coordinator, is responsible for the expansion of MyZuzah in Israel. He oversees partnerships, works with potential funding partners and provides logistical support for all of our efforts in Israel. He is a Sofer STa”M (Scribe of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin

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Julie Lobb

Julie Lobb

As MyZuzah Project Associate, Julie is responsible for ensuring smooth operations as the liaison between active partners and the MyZuzah team. Prior to joining the MyZuzah team, she served as a human resources business partner for over 12 years, specializing in developing and driving plans to

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Rebecca Bar

Rebecca Bar, MyZuzah Strategic Coordinator, helps develop, iterate and refine MyZuzah’s partnership and distribution processes in the US and abroad. She expands MyZuzah’s reach with distribution and funding partners and deepens our educational content resources. Prior to joining MyZuzah, Rebecca worked as the VP of Community

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It connects us

It Protects us

It unites us

MyZuzah's goal is to put a kosher fair trade mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

Fair Trade

We implement Fair Trade Standards in the sourcing and production of each Mezuzah. A kosher mezuzah takes time, energy and resources to create. Each mezuzah scroll must be hand-written by an expert scribe under specific conditions. MyZuzah puts people first by only working with partner organizations that pay scribes fairly and decently for such important work. Our Standards ensure that every step and worker in the process of creating your mezuzah is ethical and kosher, beautifying this unique touchpoint that unites us.

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Together, we can put a kosher fair trade mezuzah on the front door of every Jewish home in the world.

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We won’t share your email because — just like the mezuzah — we protect boundaries.