An Interview with the Artist from Wonderland Judiaca, Ruth Alexander

How is your case made? My EcoMezuzah™ case is 100% natural and carefully handcrafted using naturally downed and rescued tree branches.

What was the inspiration for the design? The inspiration for this unique design is the Jewish core value of Tikkun Olam, which I simply elevated to a literal level of practice.

Tell us about your Jewish Journey My Jewish journey has spanned non-observance to Modern Orthodox observance, and now very comfortably sitting somewhere in between. 

Tell us about where you are from. I’m originally from Evanston, IL. 

What is your favorite material/medium to work with? My favorite medium is wood. What do you think is special about a mezuzah? The Mezuzah serves as a reminder to honor the space (room) I’m walking into, cherish those who live (or work) in that space, be mindful that our actions at home/work impact the world around us, and always be grateful for the blessed life I lead.